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While maintaining a job, a marriage, an affair and a fishing hobby, Mr. In his confession he said he had killed one after she bit him, another for being too loud during intercourse, another for trying to steal his wallet and a fourth for calling him a "wimp." No Excuse, Prosecutors Say Prosecutors say Mr.

Shawcross suffers from an anti-social personality disorder that does not excuse him from criminal behavior. Shawcross while being videotaped, inspiring what was said to be a re-enactment of a sexual abuse scene from his childhood in which his mother sodomized him with a broom handle. Shawcross writhing and screaming during that session jarred viewers, but many now seem to agree with the prosecution that he was acting. Shawcross said he ate parts of two of the women he killed, a claim the prosecution rejects, although two bodies of two victims were mutilated.

Attorney General Schneiderman’s office also partnered with several financial institutions to help ensure the return of vehicles to consumers who were defrauded, the forgiveness of loans for consumers who were misled, and the payment to victims of proceeds from a Department of Motor Vehicles insurance bond.

“A car is one of the biggest purchases many New Yorkers will make, and consumers should have confidence that they will not be misled by unscrupulous businesses that fail to uphold their legal obligations,” said Attorney General Schneiderman.

"The gavel-to-gavel coverage on television has fueled its notoriety to the nth degree," said the District Attorney, Howard R. Apart from its grisly details, the trial has taken on a carnival atmosphere.

Without the titles, consumers were unable to register their vehicles and could have had their licenses suspended if they continued to drive them.

Prosecution "groupies" abound; at Thanksgiving, one trialgoer, Marilyn Sheridan, 30, baked cranberry bread for the soft-spoken assistant district attorney arguing the case, Charles J. One Monday, five of them wore Notre Dame football jerseys because the County Court judge, Donald J.

Wisner, had recessed early the Friday before to attend a game at the university, his alma mater.

They say he formed a conscious objective to kill, knew his conduct was wrong and acted without extreme emotional disturbance. Shawcross's lawyers say he suffers from a multiple-personality disorder, brain damage and post-traumatic stress syndrome. "The guy's trying to look like he's nuts," said Jacob Hutchinson, a 49-year-old county laborer who has followed the trial. Shawcross took on one of his supposed multiple personalities, Ariemes, a reincarnated cannibal from 13th-century England who, Mr. Tales of Cannibalism Although he was an Army clerk in a noncombat role in Vietnam, Mr.

Shawcross has also said that he cannibalized two Vietnamese women there as well as the 10-year-old boy he killed in Watertown. Shawcross drove the naked corpse of one woman he had killed around Rochester propped up in the front passenger seat of a rented blue Dodge Omni.

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