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In case you are using an older version of the controls you can check the following feedback item.

The issue was resolved in the R3 2016 SP1 version of the suite. Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to write back.

If you want to apply your changes immediately, you can use following code snippet: Hi Drago, Thank you for writing.

We have a documentation article providing examples how the database can be updated handling various scenarios: https://feedback.telerik.com/Project/154/Feedback/Details/203285-fix-radgridview-the-last-row-is-not-updated-when-the-grid-is-bound-to-ieditabl.

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In my case, I have a method that return the values for two columns that I have on my datagridview.

Configuration; namespace GRP_02_03_SACP I have no errors already by following your code.

To commit the change when the cell is clicked, you must handle the Data Grid View Commit Edit method and pass in the Commit value.

Rows in the control are not automatically sorted when a cell value is changed.

just talks about the control redrawing, nothing to do with bindings unless I am very much mistaken!

"Forces the control to invalidate its client area and immediately redraw itself and any child controls." Control.

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