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While a man is often concerned with domination and conquering the opposite sex, a woman is more on the watch for red flags that might signal to her on whether her date is a bust or not.Going on a date, especially first dates, is not always that easy.When it comes to dating, both men and women are quite different in terms of what they are looking for.But it seems as though when it comes to the biggest turn offs, we are all on the same page.

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Be willing to giggle and make jokes – be expressive and throw him some wit back at him so that he sees he can have fun and loosen up around you. But be careful to not to fall into the trap of acting superior and playing power-games where you attempt to show off how high you’ve climbed in your career, or patronizing him when he tells you about his plans and dreams.

'But in this case I'd say the lying is to do with what people's intentions are.' The next on the list was smoking, which is known to heavily impact dating options, and negativity, with people agreeing that moaning or complaining about anything in general was very unattractive.

Arrogance was the next on the list, with Ms Ward urging people to ensure their conversations are a 'tennis match' with back and forth conversation.

If a woman complains a lot, is difficult to please, or seems to express ridiculously high expectations that no man could ever live up to, you can be sure the guy won’t stick around for long.

We live in a world where attraction plays a pivotal role.

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