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When characters Jenny and Jesse were killed off instead of being recast by new actors once the actors decided to leave their roles, it was so that no other actors could portray them. "It really affected me more from a personal standpoint than from an actor's standpoint," she said.

"From a personal standpoint, Darnell and I were like hooked at the neck or the back or something; we'd gotten to be such good friends.

The Office on Violence Against Women does not provide services directly to the general public.

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And they found themselves sort of chasing their tails trying to figure out how to fix it...

But from an actor's point of view, it didn't really bother me as much because I knew that it would just open up so many more avenues for Angie to take." For years, All My Children fans clamored for the reunion of Jesse and Angie.

However, the nature of Jesse's death (an on-screen death in the hospital as the result of a gunshot wound) made this all but impossible, even by soap opera standards. In 1993, Morgan joined the cast of the soap opera Loving, reprising her role as Angie (who settled in Corinth, Pennsylvania).

To start the storyline where Jesse is brought back, the writers thought up a plot where characters Greenlee Smythe and Quentin contract a weird woods-related disease that triggers asphyxiation.

Angie, now an infectious-disease specialist, is paged to Pine Valley Hospital to consult on the case: "Quentin will turn out to be Angie and Jesse’s son, Frankie", said Julie Hanan Carruthers (the show's executive producer), and noted that Angie’s adopted daughter, Cassandra, would also join the show.

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