Self validating reduction

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Women with naturally large breasts are often plagued with neck and back pain their entire lives.

For many young women, their large breasts bring them unwanted attention or make them feel undervalued.

While some women lose the additional breast size following childbirth, many retain the larger size.

Many women following pregnancy wish to restore the appearance of their pre-baby body, and they feel that their new breasts no longer have that perky, youthful quality they desire.

Breast reduction decreases the size of your breasts so that there is no reason for you to feel this anxiety and emotional discomfort because of them.

Shoulder grooves, skin rashes, headaches, and backaches are just a few examples of the pain experienced by women with overly large breasts.

Worse, in fact, nature in its devalued state can then be held up as an excuse and justification for the initial disvaluation.

In this way, dismissal and destruction perpetuate themselves.

Some women feel that these enlarged, cumbersome breasts impede their ability to lose weight, as they make exercise and other physical activities uncomfortable.

Increased breast size can also lead to skin irritation.

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