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Over the last few years I've tried other platforms and never been as satisfied as I was with Scottrade. I use TD Ameritrade, if you maintain a balance of 0k, OR average 5 trades a month you qualify for their APEX service.With Apex, they say your transactions get priority over non-Apex, you get free tools such as Advanced Analyzer and Level II quotes, and no service fees.SCOTTRADE PRICE LISTS AND FEES OUTSTANDING BROKERAGE AND TRADING PLATFORM At Scottrade you can invest in: Listed and Nasdaq Stocks Bulletin Board Stocks Pink Sheet Canadian Stocks* * These orders cannot be placed on the Internet.

The fund's objectives(s) and risk level as well as sales charges, redemption fees, initial minimum investment requirements, expense ratios, and rules regarding market timing are fully disclosed in the prospectus.

Please click here for Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.

Mutual Funds No-Load, No-Transaction Fee (NTF) Funds* No Fee No Fee No Fee No-Load Funds (not in NTF program) Load Funds No Fee ** Mutual Fund orders placed through a broker are an additional .

Quotes given by brokers are typically in Canadian dollars, while orders are entered in U. Please clarify with your broker if you have any questions.

Add in the Canadian floor brokerage fee if buying, or subtract if selling: Stocks over : .015 per share Vancouver charges up to $.05 per share for odd lot orders. It is the client's responsibility to ask the broker if any additional Canadian fees will be applied prior to placing a trade.

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