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Growing up, all I wanted to do was arm-wrestle boys.But I have this girly side, too, because I love fashion and want to get my makeup done.

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But Nikki Bella’s brawn also comes from copious time spent in the weight room, especially as she prepares for Summer Slam, the WWE’s second-biggest pay-per-view event, August 17.

Your body gets beat up pretty badly, so if I have four matches that week, I only try to work out two or three times.

And I always rest two days because it’s so important for your body to rest.”“Lifting is what’s made me stronger and made me look better.

“I can literally lift anything on my shoulders—I know I could even get my own man up on my shoulders,” Bella says.

(And that, folks, is saying something, considering her “own man” is 250-pound pro wrestler and bodybuilder John Cena.) How did the 30-year-old wrestler, crowned 2013 “Diva of the Year,” get so strong?

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