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heh Me: So now I start thrusting going in and out slowly at first, making you savour each time very gradual I start to increase the speed make you feel my power You start moving alot You try to grip the wall You try to match my movement You try to pull me further in I reach around and grab your breasts. I want more” Your turn, what do you want me to do to you next?

You gasp You put one hand back, on your own butt You look around, look at your butt You are trying to imagine how you look when you are beign fucked you know you look sexy, and you want to see what I see I keep fucking you for ten minutes like this I vary the speed, the power, how I touch you You are lost in pleasure. Her: I can see that you like to dominate and to decide on everything 😉 Me: Yes, but I’m always thinking about what will give the girl a special moment so, what do you think you’d like next?

I make you come I make you scream my name Then I slow down again and we slowly fuck for another ten minutes. You feel dirty, but victorious You feel like you’ve succeeded.

You’ve had a great fuck, and you’ve made me come You feel good. I’m a bit tired Her: i don’t think soo 😛 Me: I play with your hair a little. You go shower then we lie in bed together and watch tv the end ok, I like it;) Me: How was it for you? I know I will enjoy your company Her: why do you want it? You have the balance of feminine energy, playfulness, and thoughtfullness that I like Her: thank you….

You feel like I’m so deep into you that it’s going to come out of your mouth I wait.

I let you enjoy the feeling of having me inside you I feel you relaxing Her: very good idea, that’s all what I can say …

lucky me 😛 Me: So I grab your hair and turn you around push you to your knees you are desperate to keep my cock inside you I pull your head onto it. Her: yes 😀 Me: You don’t have to decide now Her: something like that 😛 Me: I’m making my intention clear I’m making you an offer If you say “no”, we can still be friends.

You take it all in your mouth You start sucking, moving your head up and down Her: stop pulling my hair! think about it Her: thank you ) a little bit surprised, I didn’t expect it… That’s enough I’ll decide if your breast are good Her: haha I’m resolute 😛 Me: sure anyway, I have to go now talk later Her: tasty 😉 Me: have a good evening Her: thanx, you too:) Me: think about what we talked about (yes, all of it!

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My area sex chat-80

Her: recently he is “whirling” for me sex in the kitchen.

The first five minutes is normal chat until I ask her what she’s wearing and take it from there. 😛 Me: yeah ok, right now I am imagining you in this imaginary kitchen there’s a radio playing in the background.

Note I soften myself in many places to come across a little more nice guy that usual, even though I’m advancing inch by inch. ” warnings apply for anyone who actually knows me personally. Wagner I think You are wearing white panties and a light beige bra.

Probably can’t even remember your own name Then I suddenly stop, and pull my cock out You feel the loss. Her: it is nice, that you know, that for the woman these are a special moment, rather than only normal fucking… Women rely on men to lead them to special experiences. It’s sad Her: therefore you’re special 😉 hehe Me: thank you now stop avoiding my question! Her: what I am supposed for you to say, since I don’t have experience 😛 Me: ok, shall I decide?

Her: yes, please 😉 Me: ok, wait a minute Her: you aren’t finishing the book, by me yeah!

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