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Lauren Jackson, a former Australian professional woman basketball player, is one such example on whom persistent knee injuries took a toll forcing her to announce an abrupt end to her glittering career.In her 19 years long journey with basketball, she has played both as forward and center for Australian Canberra Capitals, WNBA side Seattle Storm and Australian national team piling success after success.I knew, but I couldn't possibly fathom how to manipulate it to work for my good on my own. For all the times I had tried to control mine and Joel's relationship, it would fall apart.We were nearly toxic to one another because our love was so potent, until now, December of 2012. Because God's purpose, whatever it was He whispered in my ear as a teenager that I would marry Joel was just coming to fruition.There were several fears in my mind, things that ultimately do not matter, nor do I remember.And Joel had his fears too, but of course he didn't mention them to me until later, after we were married -- things like being able to take care of him and be his wife.When most couples start dating, they are getting to know each other, but not us. We had dated briefly, been friends, lived distant lives, struggled and fought our way back to each other. I had known for nearly nine years he was who God had sent for me to spend my life with, to grow old together and have a family.However, when the accident happened most people's faith would have been shaken. There was a reason I knew that I would marry Joel, there was purpose for God sharing that intimate promise with me.

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And so after dating a brief two and a half months, Joel and I prepared for an engagement. Certainly Joel could not just on a whim ask me to marry him.It was still dark in the theater and I heard chuckles behind me. We began planning for a beautiful September day in the late summer of 2013. To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.I even remember telling my friends, who looked at me in disbelief (because no one else went around seriously talking about who God had chosen for them to spend the rest of their lives with at 15 but me -- especially as we were not even together at that point), that "I see Joel the way that God sees Joel -- as a man of God," despite his lackluster drive and motivation in life as he fell into a life of drugs and numbed the pain of his teenage years.Those words never even made sense coming out of my own mouth until much later.

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