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They cite socio-economic reasons for the delay in marriage, or their wish to pursue education [68].

The increasing trend of delayed marriages possibly explains attitude changes toward premarital sexual encounters in the Iranian context.

Attitudes toward sexuality and its ethical aspects have been altered over the past few decades in many parts of the world [54, 63, 65, 69].

Increasing concerns exist about the consequences of such transformations in conservative and religious societies versus other liberal societies, because empirical research has documented an inverse association between religiosity and liberal sexual attitudes [17].

In social psychology, it is widely accepted that attitudes are socially learned [26].

Challenges between traditional and modern values, the advent of technology and its own culture, and the coming of new communication technologies such as social media to people’s life have led to drastic changes in the personal attitudes of Iranians which contributes to changes in previously accepted norms [10, 70].

Sexual behaviours are influenced by a range of factors such as personal attitudes and beliefs, knowledge about sex and its consequences, situational factors, feelings and desires [9, 57].

However, despite this, in certain settings where only marital sex is documented, this may give the mistaken impression that the age of first sexual intercourse has increased [13].Multi-stage cluster random sampling and a validated/reliable questionnaire were used.Descriptive, bivariate and multivariate analyses were conducted using statistical software.Hence, sexual attitudes and permissiveness are conceptualized and understood differently according to societal contexts [38, 41].In fact, social construction of sexuality in any given culture defines sexual behaviours of men and women [22, 38].

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