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Peter is also acting as the managing director of Silicon Gardens seed capital fund and until recently managed Poteza Innovation and Growth Fund (venture capital).Janez has made a career in banking and financial services and has held managerial positions with Societe General, Publikum securities brokerage house, Nova Banka and Moldova Agroind Bank.Co-founder of The Invoice Exchange, Tomi played a pivotal role in developing the pilot platform and promoting the initial trading on the exchange.He has previously headed Deloitte’s regional management consultancy practice, a Dutch internet bank, as well as numerous other finance and management engagements in the region.The process is maximally automated without compromising the quality of our service for which we charge a small fee for the settlement and administration.At the same time The Invoice Exchange offers a secure way for large companies and corporations to optimize their account payable to their suppliers and partners.By May 2016, The Invoice Exchange had over 190 registered clients – exchange members, and reached a total of 3.25 million EUR of receivables traded on the platform.

Since 2008, Janez has been active as a private investor working in Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Before founding The Invoice Exchange with Tomi Šefman, Marko worked in numerous managerial positions in real estate, corporate finance, investment banking and private equity.

Marko holds a MSc in Real Estate Investment & Finance from Henley Business School in the UK.

Due to the financial model The Invoice Exchange also offers a very safe and lucrative investment for companies which are looking to purchase safe receivables on the market for the best possible price.

The idea to establish an organized marketplace for trading B2B receivables – an invoice exchange – was conceived by entrepreneurs Marko Rant and Tomi Šefman in 2011.

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