Dating relationship kenya

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Chic posts flashy new pictures every second on Instagram like it’s her job, yet she can still afford a half-a-million-shilling weave, a quarter-million-shilling pair of heels, supposed fifty-million-shilling skin-lightening surgery, three nights at the prestigious Villa Rosa Kempinski and a holiday in Dubai — if gossip sites are anything to go by these days. And I wondered what it was that these bozos had that we, Kenyan men, didn’t. For instance, I once read about singer Emmy Kosgei getting married to a certain Nigerian pastor almost double my old man’s age. Allure of foreign men I also read somewhere that it was some West African oil tycoon bankrolling Vera Sidika’s larger-than-life lifestyle.She will want you to take her shopping, to the salon, even to the market.Not because she fancies your company these days, only so you pay for anything she sets her evil eyes on; Which is — basically — everything. And I retorted that I know I’m a douche myself, but even then, I pull out the seat for my dates every once in a while. “We need to talk.” I will spare you the details because I’m struggling to beat a word limit here; all you need to know is that she had met someone else. The ladies told me we don’t treat them right, that our Oga brodas are as romantic as it gets.Kenyan men are working their bums off, feeding bimbos who do nothing but sit around in the house all day wearing yoga pants. Then these very lazy, needy nitwits will be the first to walk out the door at the tiniest sign of trouble, throwing all the blame on the poor guy – and jumping into the arms of the next rich bozo that comes along.There are Kenyan women who know the real meaning of the overused word ‘hustle’.

It will always start slow; you on your best behaviour and she playing ridiculously hard to get.

You will do your best to make her happy but it will never be enough.

She will even start comparing your relationship to that of her neighbour Tim and best friend Daisy, yeah, the same one who opens her legs to anything that drives and has an ATM card.

See, I’ve come to realise that MOST Kenyan ladies are lazy gold-digging twats. Neediness and gold-digging And that is why even a bigwig will say ‘Yes’ to any man so long as he can charter a helicopter for a whole weekend to Mt Kenya.

Kenyan ladies want to secure their futures (which is not a bad thing, depending on how you look at it).

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    They set up elaborate ruses to trick the women into thinking they are meeting someone special.