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The main religion is Islam and you’ll see a lot of Indonesian girls wearing the head scarf.

Don’t be concerned by this; often Indonesian girls are much more liberal than they look with that scarf. If you approach them during the day, they will not expect it and may react cold, distant or weird.

You might misread this as a sign of disinterest but they probably will be just intimidated.

A way to get around this auto-pilot reaction of Indonesian girls is to hand them your number on a piece of paper.

There you have the different vibe, the main religion is not Islam here but Hindu. If you go to the cities with the best nightlife (i.e.If they accept it, just say it was nice meeting them and go on your way.They will have time to process the fact you approached them and can decide to write you a message and you can take it from there.Do you get a major laser-removal job, try to make it into something else, or stick with it longer than you stuck with the relationship?Still, sometimes you get the cool couple with amazing ink ideas and who totally nail their matching tattoos.

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