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Tellingly, none of the executive team (including new-ish CEO Pokorny) have used the Daily Booth product themselves for at least six or seven months.Neither the company blog nor its Twitter account have been updated since late 2011; although the site still has active users, it seems like deadware from where we sit.Daily Booth, the site that challenges you to snap a quickie webcam pic of yourself and share it with the world, has just been bought in a talent acquisition by Airbnb.“We can confirm the talent acquisition of the Batch/Daily Booth CEO, Brian Pokorny, and members of the design & engineering team,” an Airbnb spokesperson confirmed via email to Venture Beat.Under the new settings, a user's name, profile photo, gender and friend list are publicly available, as well.With the new settings, Facebook now lets users choose — for each individual update or photo shared on their page — who can see them.The design and engineering talent that the Batch team is bringing Airbnb will be invaluable to solving this challenge.” That “exponential growth” bit refers to a huge benchmark the company announced last month: Airbnb users have spent a grand total of 10 million nights in other Airbnb users’ beds around the globe.So, what do vanity pics have to do with vacation rentals?

Geographic networks, such as London, New York and Australia, which have grown to encompass millions of users are being removed as superfluous.Chris Cox, Facebook's vice president for product development, admitted in a call with reporters that Facebook has learned from sites like Twitter where the default and usual behavior is publishing to the entire world.But he emphasized that Facebook isn't giving up on its information controls, which the company uses to attempt to mimic how people share information in their real-life social circles — for instance, dividing vacation photos into ones suitable for family, some for friends and some for co-workers."There is a lot of value when the default is that everyone can see what they are posting," Cox said. At eight-years-old, he’s voice coached, partnered on You Tube, LLC’d, trademarked, and sponsored, because of his rap videos.He’s managed by his father, who has a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration).

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