Daily star dating

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Adding to that, dating within your friend circle is seldom taken positively, mostly because it ruins the dynamics of the group.

Understandably, it sometimes feels like a more prudent option to keep things a secret until things become serious.

In Japan, there is an ancient art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer known as 'Kitsugi' or 'Golden Repair'.

Once the process is complete, the end product is awe-strikingly beautiful, often much better than original item.

Sameen, 23, who just recently earned his Bachelor's degree, explained that two years into his relationship, he has realised that the most important thing for him is not only finding someone who you can share your feelings with, but building a connection strong enough to last a lifetime.

Although heartbreaks often tend to leave indelible scars, relationships can teach you a handful of valuable lessons.

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As time goes by, this simple sounding equation, so full of soft and fuzzy feels, does not remain so simple. Perhaps, it is the innate nature of human beings to try and one up each other.“It is true that you do not have someone around always to celebrate national holidays or watch movies with, but being single will let you have a lot of time for yourself,” he feels.Amid all the daily activities that you tackle everyday, it is absolutely necessary to spare some time just for yourself.“Ambition and a clear vision of future goals are the driving forces for me,” Sameen confessed.Dating someone for a long time can familiarise the two individuals in the strongest way and push them to the peak of the comfort zone level with each other.

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