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Ek en Hester werk saam, ek op die werksvloer en Hester by hoofkantoor. At the start of online dating and meeting via cell chat, well I encountered a profile , which belonged to literally a greek goddess, unbeknown to me when we started chatting, she would wind me up , drive me to a point of swearing at each other but for some reason we were just attracted to each other in a weird but nice way.Ons paaie kruis nie regtig by die werk nie maar ons deel vervoer werk toe. As much as we made each other angry we also understood each other completely, took her a month to agree to meet, and boy was… I have been told by so many that Sex is NOT everything, but if a man cannot fuck me deliciously, then he will never be able to fuck my heart, my mind and especially not, my soul.By enjoy, I don’t necessarily mean wild and with abandon, because I enj… A few years ago i was doing a Outdoor show in Gauteng.There were many exhibitors and at the end of each long day we wandered around looking at the other exhibits. We met regularly for coffee, and while the show was live we kept looking at each other trying to pass meaning and suggestions with our eyes. This is an insert from one of my many journals while living in Hillbrow during the mid-Eighty's and early Ninety's.

When there’s no physical intimacy it isn’t too long before the emotional intimacy goes, too.” ~ Kimberly Graham We are all sexual creatures - the only animals created to enjoy Sex. I reached over to my side table and pulled out my faithfull friend.what i didnt tell you was that while my hubby was very pleased to fuck another pussy i was thinking about the two guys waiting for me in the next room. While deciding which type of work would be best for me, many thoughts went through my mind, being a driver for an escort agency, or a barman all over again, as they would be the best paying if you included tips.Then one evening a friend of mine from the Pizzeria from around the corn… I imagine you, while I sit in my kitchen, performing a sexy dance for me, swinging your hips around in circles, slowly dipping, getting low, Wearing only my tie and a pair of red cotton booty shorts.Finally Tanya gave in, and conceded that it would be sexy to attend a club and experience something.... Toe- & finger nails candy apple red, lips red, high open toe heels, short red lingerie hidden underneath my black low-ish cleavage dress, I am welcomed by the party goers & organisers. She and i have never flirted or had any sort of relationship apart from honest friendship.They attended an adult club during a Halloween evening themed party. We talk about our problems, we laugh together and give eachother support as friends should.

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